Michael Lewis Fisher

Early Sunday afternoon, our dad, Michael L. Fisher, went to heaven to join mom, Georgia L. Clarkson Fisher.  I was blessed to be there with my Valentine, my husband Jim, as dad joined his Valentine.  It was calm and peaceful.  Turns out he most likely had congestive heart failure but basically kept it to himself, never wanting to worry my brother or me, or his twin sister Mary.

That was dad; being both protective and relatively private, not wanting to burden anyone.  He didn’t even want any newspaper notifications, which we are honoring.

Not timid in the least, he would let you know what he thought, whether or not you wanted to hear it, but in a loving way.  Always ready to listen and be supportive, then tell how to handle the situation.  But patient enough to let you get there in your own way, on your timetable.  Open minded (mostly!) and willing to hear your view and change his.

And funny!  He could get you laughing then keep you laughing by just watching and hearing him laugh himself.  He had a broad sense of humor, loved both the dad (read groaner) jokes as well as the think-about-it witticisms.  I will miss his friendship.  He was the sweetest, most loving, stubborn ornery teddy bear you could know.

Although he and mom never really found a church in Florida, they were devout Christians.  They still had their membership at Bethany Christian in Evansville, the wonderful church my brother and I grew up in.  Dad served as treasurer there for many years in the 70’s.  Mom was always singing in the choir and helping with the CYO.  Both were very active in their T & T, then T & F Sunday school class.  And I know they were thrilled when Jim Bates and I found the same at Bethel.

We love you dad.  We’ll see you both again some day.  Thanks for being the best dad.

Love,  your squeter,  Mary Bates and your hot shot, Jim Fisher

Mike was preceded in death by his parents, CL and Odelia (Dee) Fisher, his sister and brother-in-law George (Don) and Margie Clark, his brothers-in-law Henry Lloyd and John Kuzemka, his sister-in-law and brother-in-law Eva and Jack Leo, and his niece-in-law Jane Leo.  He is survived by his sister Mary Lloyd, his children Mary Dee Bates (Jim) and James L. Fisher (Heidi), his granddaughter Olivia Browning, as well as his nephews-in-law and nieces-in-law Jerald and Jeannie Leo, Bud and Eva Leo, Judy and Roger Baugher, and numerous nieces and nephews.

Memorial service will be Thursday, February 18 at noon eastern.  To view the service, click on https://client.tribucast.com/tcid/307758617