By creating a special space that is dedicated to the memory of your loved one, friends and family can have a place to return to connect and remember a special person. With constant life stresses such as work, family obligations, and the need to stay busy, we often fail to give ourselves an adequate amount of time to truly heal.
Having a permanent memorial space can help with the healing process when it comes to grieving the loss of a loved one. Hiers-Baxley Funeral Services advisors can help you create this unique environment by working together to find the perfect space to pay tribute.

A Place As Beautiful As Their Life

Your loved one deserves a place of permanent memorialization that is as special as they were. Whether they chose a traditional burial in a cemetery or even a cremation garden, this place should be accessible for friends and family members to visit when they feel the urge to connect with their loved one.

This is especially true for young children, as death may be a difficult concept to understand. A place of permanent memorialization allows them to understand their history while learning about the process of life in an enlightening way.

Create a place that honors the life of your loved one. It takes a lot of love to make up a life, so provide friends and family with a place to cherish their memories forever. For more information on how to choose the right permanent memorialization, and to discuss merchandise options, contact us at your convenience by calling (352) 414-4206​.

Settings with Significance

Everyone has a special place feel like you’re at home, regardless of the connection. Whether this is in nature or in a sacred place, we understand that the final resting place of your loved one’s cremated remains should be meaningful.

We offer various settings that hold significance, including:

Forever Amongst the Waves

For many, the ocean has an almost magical draw, if your loved one was at peace on the water, this could be the right setting for them. We work with trusted providers to bring you and your loved one’s remains on an ocean trip to one of our beautiful coastal locations.

Eternity at the Holyland

Upon choosing this setting, we take the cremated ashes to Israel, where the professionals at Holyland Ash Scattering help to scatter the ashes year-round.

You can choose from one of two locations to find the most meaningful resting place for your loved one:

  • A certified marine captain will scatter the ashes into the Mediterranean Sea, around 500 meters off of the Israeli coast. If your loved one felt most at home around the water, there is no better holy resting place.
  • The ashes can be scattered overlooking the Sea of Galilee throughout the hills of the Holyland in our private and serene memorial garden.

Shortly after the scattering of the ashes, you’ll receive a free video and certificate which shares the date, time, and geographical coordinates of the final resting place of your loved one.

Tree Planting for a Meaningful Life

The Spiritree is a biodegradable urn, two-piece container with an organic bottom shell to hold cremated remains, and a protective top shell to keep the remains safe from the elements, no matter the weather.

Over time, the tree will grow and naturally break down the urn, transforming into a living memorial for your loved one. This option is environmentally safe and allows your loved one to be honored while keeping the Earth a beautiful place.