SecureCare ID

We fully understand how important it is for families to feel at ease when they place their loved ones in our care.  To ensure we earn your complete trust and confidence, and for your family’s peace of mind, we developed our exclusive SecureCare ID Tracking System – a multi-step identification system that ensures the highest standards in the chain of custody for your loved one throughout  the entire process up to and including final disposition.

How does the SecureCare ID Tracking System Work?

1. Identity Confirmation

When we arrive to the place of death, we check for medical ID bracelets or other identification bands that accurately match the identity of the person we are bringing into our care.  If no identification exists, we verify with the appropriate individuals at the home or the facility that the correct person is being taken into our care.

2. SecureCare Tracking Bracelet

Once the identity is confirmed, we carefully place a SecureCare ID Tracking Bracelet onto your loved one’s ankle containing a metal disk with a unique tracking number and a place to write their name. This band and tracking disk will stay with your loved one throughout the entire process including final disposition.   If cremation is chosen, the metal disk will be returned to you with your loved one’s cremated remains. After this step, our team member will accompany your loved one to our facility.

3. Family Member Identification

A family member may, and is encouraged to, personally identify their loved one. If a family member chooses not to identify their loved one, they may authorize the hospice, hospital, or medical examiner to provide official identification on our transfer authorization document. Your loved one will only be taken into our care when we are assured their identity is confirmed.

4. SecureCare Registration

Upon arrival at our care center, your loved one’s SecureCare ID tracking number is registered into our system. This number is used to track every step in the care process from entrance into our facility until final disposition occurs.  Our tracking system includes the date and time of arrival at our facility, as well as the name of the staff member who brought your loved one into our care. It is also used to track any personal items that will be held safely until they are returned to the family.

5. Authorization Review

A funeral home team member and a Certified Crematory Operator will review independently of one another all cremation paperwork and permits to ensure authorizations and legal documents for cremation have been received and properly executed. Once all documentation is verified, the crematory operator and the funeral home staff member will sign the cremation order authorizing the cremation to take place.

6. Crematory Service Record

Prior to the start of cremation, your loved one’s information is entered in the Crematory Service Record. This step records the name of the individual, date and start time of the cremation, the SecureCare ID number, as well as the Certified Crematory Operator’s name. Once the cremation process is complete, the operator enters the ending time and signs the record attesting to the cremation process.       

7. Post Cremation Process

Once the cremation process is complete, the cremated remains are placed into a temporary container or permanent urn of your choosing.  The SecureCare ID will be affixed to the container and returned to the family.  

8. Return of Cremated Remains

One of our team members will contact you to schedule a time for receipt of your loved one’s cremated remains or will arrange for transport to a local cemetery or other recipient,  per your direction. A cremated remains release document will be signed, and photo ID shown to the funeral home staff to verify the cremated remains are given to the correct and authorized individual. This process transfers the custody of your loved one’s cremated remains from the funeral home to the next of kin or other individual authorized to receive your loved one’s cremated remains.